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All of the Above

When President Linda Travis is briefed at gunpoint and told of the human-alien conspiracy that secretly controls her government, she does something none of her predecessors thought to do: she runs. During the chase that ensues, from the rural mountains of Vermont to the arctic wilderness of Bathurst Island, through the underground blackness of the aliens’ Ottawa Lodge to the bewildering landscapes of the astral realm, Linda encounters both obstacles and aid where she least expects them. Along the way, she is forced to face fully the converging crises of energy, economy, and environment that threaten the entire world, and to confront deep assumptions about the nature of reality itself. Only by doing so is she able to see clearly what she must do to help her people.

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The bad guy is extremely well drawn – a truly creepy, despicable, irredeemable psychopath, but entirely believable, even familiar!

JM, Amazon Reviewer

“All of the Above” is a page-turner as fast-paced as any from Dan Brown, but with a wider set of characters and situations that are out of this world — if not literally, then certainly figuratively.

YG, Amazon Reviewer

Timothy Bennett is indeed a master craftsman, weaving harsh realities into enlightened potentiality using an unbelievably cool cast of characters. ALL OF THE ABOVE is brilliance. I’m staying on board!

SR, Amazon Reviewer

Weaving humor, adventure, philosophy, conspiracy and deep character development into a provocative and engaging tale, Timothy has ingeniously crafted this book. I enthusiastically await his next two intended creations in the series.


JF, Amazon Reviewer

The most alluring thing about the book is its ‘heartfulness’ – so much genuine, inclusive, heartfelt feeling and love is woven through the book that I became emotionally as well as intellectually involved.

JM, Amazon Reviewer

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