Miami and Fort Lauderdale Airport Transfers, now from $75.00!

If your travel list includes Miami or Ford Lauderdale in the near future, than you’re in luck. We’re not referring necessarily to plane tickets prices, but to cheap, reliable airport transfers – now more affordable than ever. Yes, you read that right.

Now it may come as a surprise, but airport transfers are not that pricey anymore. It was the main reason why most tourists and locals alike pretty much avoided this option until now, but you could enjoy this experience yourself and find out easily that it should not leave a whole in your pocket – of course, if you choose wisely. No more uncomfortable bus rides or rude taxi drivers, it’s high time to leave that behind.

Luckily for you, we’ve done it for you and found the best private airport transfer company you could ask for. Experience, sweet rides, great drivers and low prices too, the guys at Twelve Transfers have it all covered. You’ll want more details than that, we’re sure – so make sure to keep reading.

Twelve Transfers started its story more than 6 years ago in jolly old London. After thousands and thousands of happy clients and rave reviews, the UK-based transfer company decided it’s time for a new challenge – one that had the name of Miami. They set their sights on the sunshine state and now they’re following the recipe right here, in the US.

Experience is, therefore, a department they have everything covered. But what about the cars? You’ll be happy to know that their fleet is composed of new, luxurious cars, that will take you to your destination in the utmost comfort. The Cadillac Escalade, the BMW 7 Series or the Mercedes S Class will make sure to turn heads along the way too.

Speaking of their fleet, Twelve Transfers had to have the best drivers out there too. Each one is there to make you feel great for the whole duration of the trip. They operate safe and smooth rides on a daily basis, with your well being as their ultimate goal. Expect to be pampered, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

You’ll want to know all about the prices too. Rest assured, as Twelve Transfers practices transfers with up to 20% cheaper than most their competitors. That means that you’ll not only benefit from a 5-star travel experience, but you’ll also enjoy that with not that much money spent!

But behind all those benefits is a team that is working around the clock so that everything goes as it should. The Twelve Transfers operators are working 24/7 and are ready at all times to assist you with additional info should you need it or with recommendations if they are in place.

Your upcoming trip to Florida should feel like one, don’t you think? We strongly believe that a great airport transfer can really set the tone for the whole thing, so be sure to choose the best out there. Choose Twelve Transfers and see for yourself how Transfer Services in the US have changed for the better.