Oceanfront Dining at the Top Maui Seafood Eateries

Surrounded by an ocean abounding with marine living, it is maybe not the least astonishing that Maui also offers various oceanfront eateries taking “foods of the sea” right to the meal table. Expect these Maui beach food eateries to offer the most effective Pacific fishes, shrimps, lobsters, crabs —cooked in many different ways..But if you wish to style the best way fishes and different seafood are prepared, visit the very best Maui seafood eateries below.

Kimo’s is just a two-story, ocean area restaurant situated at 845 Entrance Road in the coastal area of Lahaina. The oldest restaurant on Entrance Road, Kimo’s is located amidst shops and different restaurants Lahaina restaurants.

Kimo’s has a dining area and a lanai, gives a view of the ocean, and the hawaiian islands of Lanai and Molokai. Open since 1977, the restaurant’s main dining area upstairs show a solid New Britain architecture similar to Lahaina’s missionary days. Kimo’s serve mouthwatering meals including excellent rib, excellent steaks, and hula pie. You can make from their set of new fishes, and contain it cooked the way you are interested to be. Kimo’s provide three kinds of fish planning: you’ll have teriyaki-glazed broiled fish, parmesan cheese-coated fish, or cooked fish with ginger and lemon zest.” Kimo’s is definitely full therefore you ought to make reservations beforehand in order to avoid waiting in line.

Lahaina Fish Company at 831 Entrance Road presents nothing less but good food and spectacular ocean views. The restaurant generally is collection directly on the ocean, and starts for lunch and dinner. If you would like exemplary food with a small budget, Lahaina Fish Company provides economical seafood-pasta dishes. Lahaina Fish Co’s selection also contains different kinds of burgers, tacos and chips, shrimp baskets, pupus, calamari, salads, and steaks “from the land and the sea. You will find different gustatory wonders in Maui’s Lahaina Fish Company like seafood puttanesca, Alaskan master crab feet, and local deals including stir-fried meals and teriyaki. The restaurant’s specialty, needless to say, is new seafood. You will find four kinds of fish accessible for supper, in three kinds of preparation.