Special taxi service adapted from kabsky taxi

Special taxi service adapted from kabsky taxi

In kabsky taxi we have a fleet of vehicles adapted for all those people with reduced mobility who have trouble traveling in conventional taxis.


In this sense, our adapted vehicles have a capacity of up to 8 seats for people with reduced mobility and companions if necessary. The adapted taxi has side steps to facilitate access to its interior in a comfortable and easy way. In addition, the rear part has been transformed so that the vehicle has an automatic ramp where people sitting in a wheelchair can access it.


Thus, we facilitate the movement sitting in your own wheelchair: with the help of the ramp we help you get on and off the adapted taxi. The main and important thing is that the trip is comfortable and hassle-free; always.


The official name used for these cars is kabsky taxi, so you can indicate the service when you call us and need adapted transport. It is best to notify us in advance to schedule the available taxis and wait for you at the exact time and place of collection.


And is that from kabsky taxi we firmly believe that having reduced mobility should not deprive anyone of enjoying our city? Whether to go to the center of  UK or to enjoy the beach, we want to help you when and where you need it.


In kabsky taxi the main value is people, so we are committed to offering the best and safest service. In addition, in order to provide you with the information, we have also created a specific information service within our website.


Not forgetting that our drivers are professionals with extensive experience in the transport service. We carry the steering wheel with expert hands and with a calm attitude that ensures at all times a comfortable journey for our passengers.


It has kabsky taxi, a Valencian company that cares about people!


Why travel by taxi in the summer?

With the arrival of summer, moving around the city is increasingly complicated. Public transports services are reduced, high temperatures make it difficult to use the bike; Reaching our destinations is almost an adventure.


At kabsky taxi we always want the best for our customers. Therefore, we explain four reasons why traveling by taxi in summer is the best option.


The well-being of the taxi is the main reason why moving with a taxi is the most recommended option. Our vehicles have air conditioning so you can forget about the heat and enjoy the ride. In addition, while traveling in our taxis you can share a moment of talk with the taxi driver and enjoy the feeling of feeling in the best company.


Related to well-being, another reason to choose the taxi is comfort. When traveling by taxi you will not have to worry about the crowds that public transport suffers in summer. When making your taxi transfers, you enjoy the breadth of the vehicle with the same privacy that a car of your own offers.


The taxi service is personalized. When you travel by public transport, you must adapt to the schedules while, when choosing the taxi, it adapts to you. The wide fleet of vehicles that we have in kabsky taxi offers you a service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, with GPS and GPRS technology, the nearest taxi will always come, so that the wait is minimal.


When offering a personalized service, with the taxi you will always arrive on time for your meetings or activities because you do not have to worry about looking for parking or public transport schedules.


In kabsky taxi we always offer our clients the best services, so that they can find all the comforts they take in a taxi. If you don’t want to keep on getting hot, get in the taxi and refresh yourself.